Our Values, Practices, and Principles


Why do we pour libation?  We use the libation to call upon our ancestors far and near; Fathers of our fathers; mothers of our mothers; to bear witness to what we have done, and by their example, to continue to inspire us toward reclaiming our African minds, regenerating our African spirit, liberating our homeland, and reclaiming our greatness as a people.


We pour libation to bring into our midst their venerable African spirit, radiating their great wisdom, courage, dedication, and unyielding commitment to victory by any means necessary. It is in the honor of our Creator, our Ancestors, our Children, and their children, and their children that we pour libation.   


Why do we say Ashé – We say Ashé to affirm our agreement and conviction.  Ashé means “And so it is”.


SPIRIT IS ALL; Both Invisible & Visible;

One Presence; One Mind; One Power is ALL.

This That Is ALL Is Perfect Life, Perfect Love, And Perfect Substance.

I am an Individualized Expression of The ALL.

I am ever One with Its Perfect Life, Perfect Love,

And Perfect Substance.


Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Propriety, Harmony, Order, Balance and Reciprocity.


Control of Thought

Control of Action

Steadfastness of Purpose

Identify with a Spiritual Life or Higher Ideals

Evidence of Having a Mission in Life

Evidence of a Call to Spiritual Orders or the Priesthood

Freedom from Resentment when Under Persecution and Wrong

Confidence in the Power of a Master as Teacher

Confidence in One’s Own Ability to Learn

Readiness or Preparedness for Initiation

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