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Sunday, May 17, 2020


“Whm Mes Tu” -

The First  100 Days Of The Era Of The KRST Renaissance - Year 1 - 6260

Weekly Ongoing Activities

We hope you are enjoying the Classic Messages of Spiritual

Empowerment & Praise we are sharing with you every Sunday at

10:30a.m. These classic lectures are presented by Rev. Meri Ka Ra and

KRST Unity Community.  Be sure to engage via our chat link for

questions and answers as well as a place to gather, talk, discuss, share,

love and enjoy each other virtually.  Go to


KRST Unity Center is offering clean, fresh, and healthy  Kangen Water

for a donation of 1.50  per gallon. Bring your clean water bottles to the Center

To fill up with  fresh water. If no one is at the Center, call 213-804-1946 and

leave a message for “The Waterman” t o schedule a time for service.  


The Whm Mes Tu 100 Days Of The Era Of The KRST Renaissance process continues.  We are tasked with grounding ourselves mentally and spiritually.  We must prepare ourselves so that we can manifest change and  action at  KRST Unity Center.  You must stay focused and stay connected.  The groundwork has been laid.  The rest is up to you .  Meetings are weekly on Thursday at 7pm online at:


The Sunday Morning Book Study Takes Place Every Morning At 9am.  The New Book For Deep Study Is African Philosophy : The Pharaonic Period :2780-330 Bc By  Theophile Obenga.  You can take part in the book study online at:


Every Friday Night at 7pm KRST Unity Invites You To Attend A class on Ancient African history and spirituality. You can take part in the book study online at:  You can take part in the book study online at:


Meeting Of The Masters- A Bi-Weekly Session On Saturdays From 9-11am Facilitated By Di-Amen De-Mere Learn The Spiritual System used by our ancient ancestors, History And Cosmology, Ways To Overcome Life Challenges And Experience Enjoyment, Peace And Happiness.  Contact Di-Amen At 424-312-4984.


KRST Community Law Study Group/Think Tank  is on hiatus .  We will let you know when they have established an online meeting site.


So that we can keep providing you with relevant and enlightening

information, all on-going classes and workshops have a minimum $5donation.


If you are in need of assistance and just don’t know who to call, please call

The Center and we will do our best to assist you.  If no one answers, please

leave a detailed message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Would  you like to become a member of KRST Unity Center or just want to

receive more information about us, simply go to the “Contacts” page on our

Website and fill out the inquiry form.  We will get back to very soon.


Please look for regular updates and check-ins from KRST Unity Center via email, text, Facebook, and Instagram regarding any changes in the Center’s activities during these times. 

Check the KRST Unity website regularly for updates. 


KRST Unity Board of Directors Meet First Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm. KRST Unity Members in Good Standing are welcome to attend. Contact the Board President if you would like to address the Board.

KA Children’s Sunday School Every Sunday 11:30 a.m.

KA Men  Meet the first Sunday of each month Immediately after service.

KA Elder’s  Meet the 2nd Sunday of each month Immediately after service.

KA Women  Meet the 3rd Saturday of each month at 11:00 a.m. at the Center

Birthday Celebration The last Sunday of each month for all birthdays in that month. 


  • The First Woman's Church In the City of Angels 8:30 am   

  • Spiritual and African-Consciousness Book Study 9:00 am

  • Spiritual Empowerment & Praise 10:35 am. This is a time to gather, share, love and also enjoy a great and affordable lunch. 


  • The Expansion Zone w/ Sonia Barrett KPFK Radio 90.7FM 1:00 pm


  • Community Think Tank 6:00 pm on hiaatus.


  • KMT-ology 101 MDW NTR 7:30 pm Online & every other Sunday 2:00 pm. 

  • Send a text message to to register


  • Continuing  Whm Mes Tu - 100 Days Of The Era Of The KRST Renaissance Year 1- 6260


  • Friday Night Book Study 7:00 pm


  • KMT-ology 101 Cosmology 9:00 am -Open to anyone looking for a deeper understanding of Kemetic Spiritual Thought as a foundation for their studies in Afrakan Spiritual Thought. Contact Di-Amen for class schedule. 424-312-4984



Spiritual Counseling by Ministerial Staff

By Appointment / Love Offering Suggested



Division of Say Yes! To Life, A Licensed Counseling, Mental Health,

Out-Patient Rehabilitative & Educational Facility, Court Mandated Services Provider  / Erica Byrd, Executive Director

7819 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, Ca 90047 Office: (323) 750-7550

Heading 1

KRST Unity Center is located at 

7825 South Western Ave., LA, CA 90047