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The KRST Unity

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The next Sacred Gatherings” Conversations with the Spiritual Directors of KRST Unity Center will take place next Sunday, July 28th from 1 :00 to 2pm. on the Empowerment Service Zoom platform.


 Sopdet (Sirius or the Dog Star) Appears on August 11th. 

It signals transformation and reformation.  This is the signal of harvest and Aligning ourselves with where we are.  It signals the coming of the New Year.  KRST Unity Center will celebrate the Kemetic New Year on Sunday, August 15th at the 10:30am Empowerment Service.  The month will be filled with spiritual workshops, community and cultural marketplaces, Food offerings to the community, sunrise ceremony at Bruce Beach and much more.  Calendar of events will be sent out this week.  

Please join us every at Sunday at 10:30a.m. for special Empowerment Services and other activities.


Family and friends, please support KRST Unity Center of Afrakan Spiritual Science by donating to its “Facility Cleanup and Repairs” fund.  The KRST Unity Center Beautification Committee is working on short-term and long-range goals to cleanup and repair the Center.  The short-term goal is to clean and sanitize the Center, replace the roof, patch and paint the building’s exterior, pest control, clearing and hauling away old items and landscape maintenance. The near-future goal is to replace the front entrance awning, replace the leaking air conditioning unit, re-pave the parking lot and replace the carpet in the Sanctuary. The total cost is $76,000.00.   To date we have raised $2465.00

Our Members and the Community are eager and ready to engage in fellowship in-person.  KRST Unity wants to ensure that the Center and surrounding environment are clean and safe for its members' return.  Go to the KRST Unity Website to access the donation page.  We hope to meet our first goal in time for the New Year Celebration. 


We will be holding the KRST Unity Membership meeting on Saturday, September 18th at 11:00 a.m.  The meeting will take place live at the Center and broadcast on Zoom.  The meeting is open to active members only. 


We want to hear from you!  Check your email for the KRST Unity Center Membership Letter & Survey.

It is important for you to update your membership information and assist us in better serving you as a member or participant of KRST Unity's Empowerment Services, Classes and Workshops.If you didn't receive the email https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/sv/hAvZuxz/krstunitycenter to access the survey or call the center at 323-759-7597


 We are still looking for craftsmen or artisans within the KRST Unity family? We are readying the Sanctuary and we want to do some artistic embellishments to this sacred place and need your artistic help. Please contact the Ministerial Staff or email your skills resume to krstunityoutreach@gmail.com 


KRST Unity is looking for a Development, Grant Writing and Fundraising Consultant.  If you have that very specific skillset, please contact Tetisheri , Any Board Member, or the Ministerial Staff  for resume submission and further details. Come chat, ask questions, get answers, gain insight.  This is a community gathering. All are welcome. 


If you didn’t know…KRST Unity Center is registered with Amazon Prime Smile which donates 5% of every purchase to KRST. Now that we are buying so many more books via Amazon make sure your Amazon page is set to Amazon Smile for KRST Unity @ smile.amazon.com/ch/95-6064580 It will automatically set your page to our giving site.  AmazonSmile will donate a portion of your eligible purchases to Christ Unity Center at no cost to you!”


Do you have your PtahHotep? If not, you can order one today. The goal is to fill every gallery window with The Teachings of  Ptahhotep.  Written thousands of years ago, this powerful book is still relevant today.  It emphasize the importance of humility and faithfulness to one's own duties. It is a self-mastery tool that everyone should own.  The cost is only $18 which includes shipping. You can order with Credit, Check, Cash App or PayPal.  Be sure to include your name, address, and contact info. All purchases are tax deductible.


All class and workshop details and times can be found on the KRST Unity website at www.krstunitycenter.org

Reminder! All classes have a suggested donation of $10.00 General public; $5.00 for Active KRST Members.  You are receiving invaluable time, knowledge, and resources.  Please support accordingly.


Do you need Covid testing with quick results?  Are you planning on travelling and need a Covid test verification? PacGenomics can help.  Sheila Martin works for this organization, and they are providing the community with comprehensive and easy access to testing.  No appointment necessary and they can also come to you.

 See the flyer on the KRST Unity website.


 We invite and encourage you to sign up for continuous support. We accept all major credit and debit cards, Cash App, and PayPal for offerings and donations. Thank you for your financial support to this ministry. 


WE THANK YOU and appreciate you for being a loyal supporter of  KRST Unity Center.  We depend solely upon YOU!   Please donate regularly, and generously and remember you can always sign up for continuous support.  We accept all major credit and debit cards, Cash App, and PayPal for offerings and donations.  Thank you for your financial support to this ministry.




KRST Unity Center is located at 

7825 South Western Ave., LA, CA 90047