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Meeting ID: 824 2562 8689    Password: 033768

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The KRST Unity

Glossary of Terms Can Be Found Here.  

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We are closing out June with Whm Ms Tu— Squaring The Social Body.

June 27th  Focus on Whm Ms Tu

Please join us.  Sunday at 10:30a.m.


We have completed 91 days of Whm Ms Tu. Now let’s collectively come together and have open dialogue with your family, and the community about your experiences. You can still access the Whm Ms Tu journal found by clicking this link. https://38ab6284-76ee-4ef4-b1d8-98659cd59147.filesusr.com/ugd/bc80dd_93dccf3d3a54480c864e311eda666805.pdf


Next Sunday, June 27th at 1:00p.m. we continue “Sacred Gatherings: Conversations with the Spiritual Directors of KRST Unity Center on the Empowerment Service Zoom platform.


KRST Unity is looking for a Development, Grant Writing and Fundraising Consultant.  If you have that very specific skillset, please contact Tetisheri , Any Board Member, or the Ministerial Staff  for resume submission and further details. Come chat, ask questions, get answers, gain insight.  This is a community gathering. All are welcome. 


If you didn’t know…KRST Unity Center is registered with Amazon Prime Smile which donates 5% of every purchase to KRST. Now that we are buying so many more books via Amazon make sure your Amazon page is set to Amazon Smile for KRST Unity @ smile.amazon.com/ch/95-6064580 It will automatically set your page to our giving site.  AmazonSmile will donate a portion of your eligible purchases to Christ Unity Center at no cost to you!”


Join us every Saturday at 6:30pm on the Zoom Platform for Movie Night. We watch a great film or documentary and then have very lively and spirited conversation. You never know which way the conversation will turn, but we always learn new information and have a great time fellowshipping. Donation requested, but not required. Watch your emails and texts for upcoming films.


The goal is to fill every gallery window with The Teachings of  Ptahhotep.  This mighty and powerful, written thousands of years ago, is still relevant today.  It emphasize the importance of humility and faithfulness to one's own duties. This is a self-mastery tooll?  It’s only $18 which includes shipping. You can order via Cash App or PayPal.  Be sure to include your name, address, and contact info for . All purchases are tax deductible.


​The Institute of Afrakan Spiritual Science Glossary of Terms is located on the KRST Unity website on the current events page, next to the weekly bulletin.  This specialized glossary provides an overview of basic ancient spiritual principles and terms that are regularly used on Sundays. If you don’t see a word that you have heard and want to better understand its meaning, please let one of the ministers or myself know and we will work to get its full meaning to you and update the glossary as well.

Cultural Arts & Event Planning meeting & Weekly Production meeting  takes place every Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. and Saturday at 11:00 a.m.  Anyone who has program suggestions or would like to actively participate in the Sunday Empowerment Services must attend one or both of these meetings.

Cultural Arts & Event Planning meeting & Weekly Production meeting  link:

Meeting ID: 869 0243 1434  Passcode: 954980


Meditation and Reflection takes place daily at 6:00am. On the Zoom platform. 


Meeting ID: 844 8155 0361 Passcode: 537207


Baba Hannibal Ahmed continues the KRST Class Sdji Uat: Divine Spiritual Mind Deep Study/Deep Research.  Its focus is on The Divine Ausarian Family Cosmic Drama Within Our Milky Way Galaxy.  It follows Divine Kemet's Spiritual Mind's Sacred Religious and Spiritual Sciences -- Texts that explore Our Immortal Human Solar-Souls' Journey in Our Milky Way Galaxy In-Persons!

This Is A Master’s KRST Class Course; So Be Prepared to Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get to Sdji Uat -- Deep Study/Deep KRST Research Work! The assignments and book list can be found on the KRST Unity website Home page.


 Meeting ID: 915 7814 5924   Passcode: 973515


Sunday Morning Book Study begins at 9am. They are now studying from Dr. Maulana Karenga’s book Maat The Moral Idea.  On the Zoom platform at


Meeting Id 266 496 427  Passcode 335858


Friday Night Book Study begins at 7pm.  They are currently studying from the UNESCO General history of Africa, II: Ancient civilizations of Africa.  Enoch Hankerson, Scholar and creator of the Timeline Scrolls is the facilitator.  On the Zoom platform at 


Meeting ID: 960 9829 4519   Passcode: 668043     Mobile +16699009128

All of our spiritual and historical teachings are setting the ground work for a series of classes that will be part of the KRST Unity Kemetic Institute courses outline.  If you have course suggestions or are interested in facilitating a class or study group, please contact the Ministerial Staff.


KRST Community Law Study Group/Think Tank Tuesdays at 6pm. Call the Center for information. (On Hiatus)


​​Reminder! All classes have a suggested donation of $10.00 General public; $5.00 for Active KRST Members.  You are receiving invaluable time, knowledge, and resources.  Please support accordingly.


​Do you need Covid testing with quick results?  Are you planning on travelling and need a Covid test verification? PacGenomics can help.  Sheila Martin works for this organization, and they are providing the community with comprehensive and easy access to testing.  No appointment necessary and they can also come to you. 

Click here to see the flyer attached to this bulletin for more detailed information


FEMA is helping people before, during and after this disaster, and they are dedicated to helping ease some of the financial stress and burden caused by the virus.  FEMA will provide financial assistance for COVID-19-related funeral expenses incurred after January 20, 2020.  Follow this link for more details.



If you need assistance and just don’t know who to call, or where to go, please call The Center and we will do our best to assist you.  If no one answers, please leave a detailed message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


WE THANK YOU For being a loyal supporter of KRST Unity Center; however your Center is in a financial crisis. If you want the Center to reopen we desperately need your support.  We depend solely upon YOU! 

Please donate regularly, and generously and remember you can always sign up for continuous support. 

We accept all major credit and debit cards, CashApp, and PayPal for offerings and donations.

Thank you for your financial support to this ministry.



The Leadership of KRST Unity Center reserves the right to direct all freewill offerings/gifts to the area of greatest need within the ministry.  All offerings/gifts to KRST Unity Center are completely Tax Deductible.


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