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    We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to manage your blog from anywhere. In this blog post we’ll tell you how you can manage your blog from both desktop and mobile without having to go to your backoffice. How to blog from desktop First Publish your site in the Wix Editor, then go to your live site and login with your Wix account. Once you’re logged in you can write and edit posts, manage comments, pin posts and more. Just click on the 3 dot icon ( ⠇) to see all the things you can do. You can manage your blog from anywhere, all you need is your website’s URL and Wix login info. How to blog from mobile Before you can blog from mobile, Publish your site in the Wix Editor from desktop. Open your website from your mobile phone, then use the login bar to sign into your account. Be sure to use your Wix account info. With Wix Blog you can do everything from your phone: write posts, follow members, manage comments & more. #vacation

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    With Wix Blog, you’re not only sharing your voice with the world, you can also grow an active online community. That’s why the Wix blog comes with a built-in members area - so that readers can easily sign easily up to become members of your blog. What can members do? Members can follow each other, write and reply to comments and receive blog notifications. Each member gets their own personal profile page that they can customize. Tip: You can make any member of your blog a writer so they can write posts for your blog. Adding multiple writers is a great way to grow your content and keep it fresh and diversified. Here’s how to do it: Head to your Member’s Page Search for the member you want to make a writer Click on the member’s profile Click the 3 dot icon ( ⠇) on the Follow button Select Set as Writer

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    When it comes to design, the Wix blog has everything you need to create beautiful posts that will grab your reader's attention. Check out our essential design features. Choose from 8 stunning layouts Your Wix Blog comes with 8 beautiful layouts. From your blog's settings, choose the layout that’s right for you. For example, a tiled layout is popular for helping visitors discover more posts that interest them. Or, choose a classic single column layout that lets readers scroll down and see your post topics one by one. Every layout comes with the latest social features built in. Readers can easily share posts on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and view how many people have liked a post, made comments and more. Add media to your posts When creating your posts you can: Upload images or GIFs Embed videos and music Create galleries to showcase a media collection Customize the look of your media by making it widescreen or small and easily align media inside your posts. Hashtag your posts Love to #hashtag? Good news! You can add tags (#vacation #dream #summer) throughout your posts to reach more people. Why hashtag? People can use your hashtags to search through content on your blog and find the content that matters to them. So go ahead and #hashtag away!

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  • Krst | Krst Unity Center of Afrakan Spiritual Science | Los Ageles

    Donate Now! VIA CASHAPP Donate Now Via PayPal! Click on the KRST Unity Logo to be directed to the "Live" Streaming and Archive Page Join The Empowerment Service ​ https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82960194219?pwd=dkVCVjhNOXZqSE43cWpvYmZmRS85Zz09 Meeting ID: 829 6019 4219 Passcode: 830448 ​ Your Name Must Be Displayed To Be Admitted Into The Service The KRST Unity Glossary of Terms Can Be Found Here. Click Box to access the document. ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR SUNDAY, October 02, 2022 ​ · Check out the outstanding lineup of guest speakers and presentations for the African Holocaust in October. (See Flyer insert in announcements) ​ · Can YOU answer the call? We have a doner matching any donation up to $10,.000 for our building fund. Contribute TODAY so we can get this fund to grow! ​ · Ascac Western region Study group presents its National Vice President Dr. Greg Kimati Carr today at 1:30pm. The link can be found on the KRST Unity website. ​ · We are seeking volunteers to help coordinate the activities that will take place at Bruce’s Beach on Sunday, October 30th. We need food and transport teams make this a wonderful event. Contact the ministers. Help us honor those ancestors who suffered and died in the Maafa. ​ · The third session for Member Orientation has been tentatively set for Sunday, October 9th from 2pm to 5pm immediately following the Empowerment Service. Plan to attend even if you missed a session. · Volunteers are needed to join the Beautification Committee to help with the Sankofa Healing Garden project. Call Marvia at 310-922-9157 for details. ​ · The KRST Unity Community Food Distribution program invites all to stop by from 12-2pm EVERY Thursday for food boxes filled with a great selection of items. ​ · We vigorously seeking volunteers on Thurs to help with everything from setup to cleanup. Any shift between 9am and 3pm. If you have a truck or van and are available at 7am, Speak to the Ministers for details. ​ · Donate to the “Facility Cleanup and Repairs” Go Fund Me campaign. The Center is in need of repairs. Go to the KRST Unity website to access the page. Make a donation. ​ · Get your copy of the Teachings of Ptah Hotep today for $18. Call or email your request, or stop by the Center to pick up a copy. KRST Unity Center is located at 7825 South Western Ave., LA, CA 90047 323-759-7567 krstunityoutreach@gmail.com ​

  • Whm Mes Tu | krstunitycenter

    ​ WHM MES TU ​ This is a spiritual enrichment process for the Reclamation, Renewal & Revitalization of Spiritual Consciousness and the empowerment to collective, communal and cooperative action for the good of KRST Unity Center of Afrakan Spiritual Science—its All auxiliaries, Family & Friends. Whm Ms Tu is a period in the year where the entire community commits to Renewal, Revival Restoration and Regeneration of the Maatian mission, vision and practices of their spiritual home. "Whm Ms Tu ; pronounced by Nswt Bty Amenemhat, 2000 AFK was the first articulation of the concept of Recommitment and revival. Whm Ms Tu was a call for the people to return to the fundamental concepts, ideas, thinking, features, characteristics and practices that had made KHMT (Egypt) a great nation. Join The Conversation On Facebook Whm Ms Tu is an annual ritual that one goes through to nourish their Ascension to their Divine Potential. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2913642398921132 THE VIRTUES ​ I Control My Thoughts I Control My Actions I Have Devotion And Steadfastness Of Purpose I Identify With A Spiritual Life Or Higher Ideals I Show Evidence Of Having A Mission In Life I Cultivate A Call To Spiritual Orders Or The Priesthood I Am Free From Resentment Under The Experience Of Wrong Doing I Have Confidence In The Power Of The Master To Teach The Truth I Have Confidence In My Ability To Learn And Wield The Truth I Am Ready And Prepared For Any And All Initiation Processes VALANCE TABLE SCHEDULE These Valence Tables are recommendations for individuals to create a personalized version within the overall context of the five phases. Each phase relating to the refinement of each of the four corners of the temple, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Intuitive culminating with the 5th phase of building of the Divine Community of liberated souls. 1st 7 Days: Physical Purification Squaring the Physical Body - Observation and consciously constructive actions: This phase should include a daily practice of a healthy diet and nutrition; meditation, physical exercise, deep breathing, fresh air, eight glasses of water, sunlight breaks, rest and relaxation. Keep a journal of your experiences, dreams and intuitive insights. 2nd 7 Days: Emotional Purification Squaring the Emotional Body - Controlling the passions by living a life of virtue: In this phase, continue physical disciplines and add the study and practice of the 10 Virtues. Focus on one Virtue each day. 3rd 7 Days: Mental Development Squaring the Mental Body - Investigation into the inner meaning and purpose of life and your role within the Creator’s Master Plan: Continue the physical (daily exercises, meditation, healthy diet & nutrition, water, sunlight, fresh air, rest & relaxation) and emotional disciplines (use one of the 10 virtues as a daily affirmation) and add a 10 day research project on a topic of spiritual importance to you. Write a minimum one-page paper on your research and deep thought. ​ 4th 7 Days: Intuitive Development ​ Squaring of the Intuition, extending the sensitivity of the five senses: Continue physical, emotional and mental disciplines and, if possible, participate in a three to ten day fast. Extend your meditative and contemplative practice. Increase your deep breathing exercises; try to maintain an attitude of serenity, peace and calm. Record and reflect on signs appearing in your life. ​ 5th – 7 Days: Social Development ​ Squaring the Social Body - Building the Collective Summon Bonum, a Divine Community of Liberated Souls. Gather together or communicate with other members of the KA community for discussions, join, support, participate, give service for the uplifting of our community. Come together for group meditations and reflections on insights from the Whm Ms Tu. ​ 6th – 7 Days: Banishing Apep Each year, a dangerous ritual called the "Banishing of Apep" would be held by the priests of the NTR Ra. Ra was worshipped as a savior, and Apep worshipped against as the destroyer. Ra was the bringer of light and order, and upholder of Ma’at. Apep was the bringer of darkness, and Lord of Chaos. The priests and the ancient Khmtyu believed that this ritual would curtail the power and influence of Apep and banish him from Khmt (Ta Meri) for the forthcoming year. The acts of dishonoring, dismembering and disposing of representations of Apep were seen as an important and dangerous duty of the ancient Kemetic priests. During this last phase of Whm Mes Tu we banish all the forces of Isft that have entered our community and the world through sacred ritual and hesi. The ancient rituals performed during this period are those found in the ancient Kemetic text “The Book of Overthrowing Apep”. INTERMITENT FASTING CLICK IMAGE TO ACCESS INFO FASTING RECIPES CLICK IMAGE TO ACCESS INFO

  • KRST Unity Center

    Donate Regularly Scheduled Programs and Services To make regular contributions to KRST Unity Center through our Continuous Support Program , please contact the Center's office at (323) 759-7567 for assistance, or you can donate quickly using PayPal [click here] . Watch us live and view video archives [click here] Other Affiliations T he First Woman's Church in the City of the Angels Women United in the Consciousness of the Sisterhood of Finer Womanhood. “Where Women come together to gain deeper insight into the Soul of The Divine Woman Within - Changing the Formula of The Mother’s Milk” (323) 759-0459 Service: Sundays, 8:30 am Eagle Wings of Enlightenment Sunday Services 9:00am to 10:30pm Mataji teaches metaphysical doctrine with the realization of the Holy Scripture, Soul Communion with God and the spiritual way of life. She delivers God's message with zeal and devotion. (323) 779-0210 ​ KRST Unity Class Schedule Morning chant & meditation takes place Monday thru Thursday (Monday through Thursday 3:00 a.m. PST) https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81177128531?pwd=ZWR0NHJWMHBqOU93SzgzL2pHd1liZz09 Meeting ID: 811 7712 8531 Passcode: 865418 ​ Friday Night Book Study Current Textbook: Egypt Revisited (1991 Abridged edition) an Afrocentric anthology by Ivan Van Sertima 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. https://zoom.us/j/96098294519?pwd=YXlwK3R0em9mM1BvVzV6RTlsZld3dz09 Meeting ID: 960 9829 4519 Passcode: 668043 ​ Sunday Morning Book Study I The KRST Candidate Ascended Masters Book Study Current Books Used Are By The Asended Master St. Germain Facilitated by Baba Lalji Selassie A study in the wisdom of the ancients teaching us the science of the Self (GOD). CLASS SCHEDULE *Guru Gita & Ganapati Atharvasheersha Chants 6:00 - 7:00 a.m. (PST) *Meditation from 7:00 -7:30 a.m. (PST) *The KRST Candidate Ascended Masters Book Study Begins at 7:30 a.m. -9:00 a.m. (PST) https://zoom.us/j/91578145924?pwd=WVRHUU9SU2sxMFA0OFRKUm5zcmdGdz09 Meeting ID: 915 7814 5924 Passcode: 973515 ​All of the books by Saint Germain are available on the below site in pdf form or for purchase. www.https://www.saintgermainpress.com/ ​ Sunday Morning Book Study II Current Text Book: Maat The Moral Ideal in Ancient Egypt by Dr. Maualana Karenga Facilitated by Sba Di-Amen De-Mer & Abut Smst Sabeset Sundays 9:00 a.m. –10:15 a.m. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/266496427?pwd=QU0xR1RscnBhZVRSRXNUa1h0QmtDZz09 Meeting id: 266496427 Passcode 335858 ​ Tuesdays Learn To Read & Understand The Divine Language of MDW Current Text Book: How To Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs by Mark Collier & Bill Manley Abut Smst teaches the understanding and connected spirituality of the Divine Language of MDW through an introductory course for beginning and advanced students. Beginners MDW Class Meets Every Tuesday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. The course has a suggested donation for the course is $20 per month https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85704431844?pwd=VFhZYWUzdGIyTjhwTnYvRkVIczNXUT09 Meeting ID: 857 0443 1844 Passcode: 610498 ​ All classes have a suggested donation of $10.00 General public; $5.00 for Active KRST Members. Please support accordingly.​ ​ ASCAC Western Region invites you to join the Western Region Book Study every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month from 1:30- 3:00p.m. (PST) The study book is "The Preliminary Challenge: African World History Project” and the instructor is KRST Unity’s very own Enoch Hankerson who is also ASCAC WR Vice President . We are looking forward to seeing you all there. ​ Other Activites Production and Event Planning meetings take place every Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. and Saturday at 11:00 a.m. Anyone who has program suggestions or would like to actively participate in the Sunday Empowerment Services must attend one or both of these meetings. Tuesday Cultural Events & Saturday Empowerment Production Meeting link is available by sending request to krstunityoutreach@gmail.com Weekly Free Food Give-Away

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